Mystery Box Raffle

Choose Your Prizes
Create a display of the items and their values that will be in the raffle.

Prepare the Boxes
You can use boxes of the same size or different sizes and shapes. Enclosed in each box is the actual prize or a card with the name of the prize. All of the boxes can have a prize worth the value of the ticket with a few of the boxes having super prizes that are substantially higher.

Sell the Tickets
Determine the price of the tickets based on the value of the items and what your donors will be willing to pay. Offer a discount for purchasing multiple tickets (for example, $10 per ticket or $25 for three or $100 per ticket and $250 for three, depending on your demographics). Participants may purchase tickets for any particular box by placing half of the ticket in the box or a container for that box.

Run the Raffle
Pull the tickets and have the guests open their prizes to see who got the super prizes! Hold the raffle at the end of the evening to ensure guests stay for the entire event.